Ultraje #11 (August '17)


Issue #11
Month/Year: Agosto 2017
Number of pages: 40
Gifts: 1 CD

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Interviews: Mayhem, Decapitated, Septicflesh, Expulsion, Eluveitie, Cannabis Corpse, Integrity, Russkaja, Analepsy, Der Weg Einer Freiheit and Tau Cross.

– Enslaved (interview with Ivar Bjornson about the band's upcoming album)
– Kvlt Express (interviews with Iapetus, I The Betrayer, Diktatur and Sxap)
– Mayhem's Discography
– Rastilho (interview with Pedro Vindeirinho)
– Crossover: 5 essential records (w/ Pedro Junqueiro from Booby Trap)
– El Stoner Rodeo (by Raquel Nunes Silva)
– A Curiosidade Empalou O Gato (by Rui Vieira)
– Death On Two Legs (by Ivo Conceição)


You'll find a total of 66 reviews including the new releases from Accept, Decapitated, Eluveitie, Incantation, Rage, Septicflesh, Venom Inc. and Wintersun.

Campo de Batalha:

We've reviewed the shows from Sepultura and Anthrax, where we included an interview with Miguel Ingles from Equaleft (band which opened the show for Sepultura) and a small feature about Mindtaker's opening for Anthrax.